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About Jess

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I'm a serial entrepreneur with a passion for all things tech, code, and business

I am a self-proclaimed tech-nerd with a love for code and coffee. 
My mission is to use my knowledge to help you create businesses that thrive now and in the future!

"Use your gifts to help achieve the dreams of others"
-Jess the Techpreneur

After 5 years designing, building and maintaining websites I am going to use what I know to help teach you how to benefit from tech in your business and definitely how to DIY your website the right way.


My most important achievement I've unlocked


 Becoming a mother to my son!

Let me tell you about this little guy! He is the light in my eyes, when I have a bad day he comes with the biggest hugs and kisses that have the power of healing!

He is a bright, funny and determined little guy . He will often be seen throughout my business because I can't do anything alone LOL! I love this little guy to pieces!

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