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About Jess


Hi! My name is Jess!

I'm a serial entrepreneur with a passion for all things tech, code, and business

I am a self-proclaimed tech-nerd with a love for code and coffee. 
My mission is to use my knowledge to help you create businesses that thrive now and in the future!

After 8 years designing, building and maintaining websites I am going to use what I know to help teach you how to benefit from tech in your business and definitely how to DIY your website the right way.

The goal isn’t just to have a pretty website but a functional and automated one!

Who am I?

SEO Specialist

Analytics Analyst

Systems Genius



I am a:



Content Creator

Strategy Specialist


I have been a entrepreneur since I was 12

I am a domestic violence survivor

I am passionate about what I do

I love 99-2000’s R&B

I love Coffee

I love a good book

I can program in 12 different languages

How did I get Started?

I mostly always get asked why I started doing websites, I started to have a love for computer science as a child, I hated math but I loved computers. Growing up “girls” doing science and math related industries wasn’t as “accepted” as it is now so I was swayed to take on another path.

Well no matter what I did I couldn’t shake computer science, so I decided to go to Northeast Mississippi Community College. I got accepted, graduated from high school and was preparing to go and I lost my aunt tragically, she was my mother and my best friend. After that I decided not to leave, ended up getting sick and losing my brother to a unknown heart condition that same year.

Once I started getting better, I decided to pick up the pieces, I ended up getting married and two years later having my son. After having my son, I went back to work and my boss at the time told me that I wouldn’t be able to continue working and take care of my son and about 5 months later she fired me.

So I had a 5 month old baby, in college full-time, in the middle of leaving a marriage and my home due to domestic violence. I was back in shambles and started picking up the pieces which God gave me Jess the Techpreneur.

My most important achievement I've unlocked


 Becoming a mother to my son and a Godmother!

Let me tell you about this little guy! He is the light in my eyes, when I have a bad day he comes with the biggest hugs and kisses that have the power of healing!

He is a bright, funny and determined little guy . He will often be seen throughout my business because I can't do anything alone LOL! I love this little guy to pieces!

My Goddaughter is my newest achievement!

She is a mini firecracker and together they are so loving and caring to each other, they are my motivation to be successful and show them they can be too.

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