4 Areas to Focus on Now Before Black Friday

Black Friday is right around the corner, literally. It's almost here, and by now you should have your business in order and automated ready to start taking sales on Black Friday. Notice I said should if the big chain businesses are already putting out Christmas items then you should be ready for Black Friday, right? Yes, but No, you are not a big chain business you don't have thousands or even hundreds of employees working for you taking care of your email marketing, social media promotions, and updating your website while you figure out what you're going to sell at a reasonable rate for you and your customers. Look I would already be ready for the holiday season if I had more than two hands on deck too, but much like you as a small business owner, I don't have the resources to outsource everything in my business. So don't feel bad that you aren't done creating and scheduling your 12 days of Christmas sale, or that you still don't know what to sell this upcoming Black Friday. But now is the time to get the ball rolling, here are 4 areas to focus on now before Black Friday. Whether you break it down to complete during the week or over the course of 4 days its time to stop procrastinating and get it done.

So here are the 4 areas you need to focus on now before Black Friday:


Figuring out what you're going to sell can be tricky, but there is an easy way to figure it out. Use your analytics! Look through your website analytics to see which of your products are the most popular, from that list see if you want to give a percentage or if you could bundle it with another product. Usually, your highest selling products or your best sellers are easier to push because you have the social proof to push it.

Quick tip: Create a spreadsheet that has your holiday and Black Friday sales listed so you can refer back to it when you craft your emails and social media promotions

[bctt tweet="Quick tip: Create a spreadsheet that has your holiday sales listed so you can refer back to it when you craft your emails and social media promotions" username="jesstechpreneur"]

Email marketing

Email marketing is sometimes overlooked but there is so much buying potential on your list if you have a healthy list. Take the time to clean your list, set up an email sequence to alert your subscribers that have not opened the past 5 campaigns that they will be removed from your list.  If they aren't opening, then they aren't buying! I promise you. They are just sitting on your list taking up space and energy and costing you every month. You pay per subscriber, so if they aren't opening then they must leave unless you like throwing money out the window. After you have a clean and healthy list be sure to keep it that way, send info to your list at least once a week. It will help keep them engaged with what's going on in your business, so send a quick campaign giving them a preview sale or start your Black Friday sale early!

Quick tip: Add a welcome sequence to your email list after you clean it to keep your new subscribers engaged while they wait for your new campaign


[bctt tweet="If they aren't opening, then they aren't buying! " username="jesstechpreneur"]

 Social media promotion

Promotion is extremely important to the success of the Holiday season if no one knows what you are selling how can they buy? You want to make sure that every day you are promoting at least one service or product via social media. Focus on one platform that is already profitable for you based on your analytics, they should tell you where your visitors came from, where they landed and where they exited. In order to ensure you are receiving your analytics double check your Facebook Tracking pixel and your Google Analytics tracking code, this will help you retarget the visitors that visited your website.

Quick tip: Send test traffic to your website to see if your pixel is working correctly for both Facebook ads and Google Analytics 


Your website needs a major clean up if you haven't updated your website in the last 6 months. You need to update for the upcoming holiday season your holiday hours, your policies, your sales pages, and your funnels. You should do a full click-through of your website to ensure all the pages are working correctly and go through your checkout process to ensure it flows smoothly. Think about adding landing pages for your holiday sales instead of changing your whole website for the holidays, this helps you have a quick cleanup of holiday ads and they will be ready for an update for next years use.


Having these four areas together for Black Friday help to have a smooth holiday season, now this is in no way a complete list of what to do but its a start.


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