5 Reasons I Fell in Love with Shopify

In case you have no idea what Shopify is, it is an e-commerce platform where you can sell your physical, digital, drop shipping products for a flat fee. It is super convenient for online-only stores to sell online, in-person and on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Google all from one dashboard. Shopify is also great for small business owners who would like to add e-commerce to an existing website, to sell digital goods or t-shirts. With unlimited products, reduced rate shipping, and inventory management free with every plan, it makes it a no-brainer to give it a shot.

There are of course other features that make this a beautiful platform, here are my 5 reasons why I have absolutely fallen in love with Shopify, and why you should give it a chance.

#1  Extremely Easy to Get Started

Shopify gives you two ways to get started: signing up directly through Shopify's website or by hiring an expert to get your store up and running. If you choose to do your own store setup then they will provide you with helpful tips to get your store up and running, you are really ready to start selling once you complete the store settings, choose a theme, add payment gateways and add your products. Once that's complete you are ready to get selling, they have a great theme store with paid and free themes and it's really easy to add to your store with apps ranging from email marketing to customer service. With the free 14-day trial, it is really easy to get started selling before you even have to pay for the service.

If you decide to hire a Shopify expert, you will receive a no-limit trial store that is set up with a theme, products, apps, and sales channels so that you are able to login connect your social media pages, finish setting up payments and start selling. Some experts have store setups between $0-1400, the more customizations, of course, the higher the cost.

You can find my Shopify store setup pricing here

#2  Easy to Navigate

Once you begin your no-limit or 14-day trial store, you will be immediately logged in to your dashboard. Its broken down into 3 parts, on the left you see your navigation, in the center, you will see a quick look at your stats for the day and any notifications. On the right, you will find a graph view of sales, sales broke down by sales channels and any activity in your store.

Shopify Dashboard Screenshot

Shopify Dashboard Screenshot

Everything is laid out making it easy to navigate and find the things you need, by the time your 14-day trial is up you will be an expert at navigating your dashboard. Now you have your store setup and running, but you can't get a sales channel added. Don't worry Shopify has support options: phone, chat or email. They respond very quickly and make sure that you have the answers you need before you disconnect, every encounter I had with a Shopify support representative has been pleasant and they always made sure they informed me on every possible solution.

#3 On the Go Friendly

The biggest problem with E-commerce platforms is that they aren't built for that solopreneur that is going to markets and pop up shops and need to be able to sell on the go. Shopify really took that issue and squashed it, they have mobile apps for your store and a free POS app for you to sell on the go that connects directly to your Shopify store do every sale is documented in one place. They are continually adding new features to both the online dashboard and the mobile apps, with the newest update you are able to update your entire store from your Shopify app. You don't have to pull out your computer to update your sales page or add discount codes literally everything can be done from your phone or your tablet. Which is great for that side hustle entrepreneur who is still working a full-time job or that mompreneur who is currently at the park watching her kid play on the slides, either one can update on the go and make sure their business is on track.

For the store owners that sell in person at a pop-up shop or an open-air market, Shopify sends you a card reader that you can use to sell that connects directly to your Shopify store making it even easier to keep track of payment and inventory. If you run out of product at a market, you can now create a link to email to your customer where they can complete the sale online.

#4 Easy to Sell on an Existing Website

I love that Shopify gives you the option to use their “buy buttons” without having to set up a complete online store.  These buttons are powered by Shopify and allow you to add e-commerce to your existing website.

Adding buy buttons to your new store is as simple as copying and pasting a line of code into a page on your website or email marketing campaigns. After you add your products to your Shopify store, you simply add the Buy Button sales channel and all your products are in sync and ready to use. You can embed your digital or physical products on your existing Squarespace, Wordpress or even Tumblr website through your Shopify dashboard.

This is great for blogs and personal brands that want to add e-commerce but don't want to move to a new platform, it takes less than 5 minutes to create your button and embed it on your website.

Learn more about Buy Buttons here

#5 Great for Selling on Multiple Platforms

Out of everything, I think my most favorite part of Shopify is that you are able to sell across different platforms including:









SiBi -See it Buy It


Google Shopping

With these platforms you don't have to log in to each platform, you can update and manage straight from the Shopify store dashboard. This is super convenient and doesn't stretch you thin by trying to keep every platform you sell on updated and in sync with inventory, when you update your products on Shopify it syncs across each platform.

These are my top 5 reasons I fell in love with Shopify, it is completely built of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs that are on the go.

Have you tried Shopify? How do you like it? Let me know in the comments :)