Announcing the Non-Techie Toolbox

2018 is 27 days away... Let that sink in. I swear 2017 flew past and now we are staring 2018 right in the face. In preparation for the new year, I saw fit for the December focus to be "organize. optimize. automate"'. With the new year being a time to get your systems in order and get ahead for the quarter one of the new year. In comes the Non-Techie Toolbox™, the purpose of the toolbox is not to give you another tool to log in once and never use again, No, I want to walk you through how to use the tool, how to utilize it right now in your business and how to get it working for your business instead of against it. Some of the tools I will cover in this series is Planoly, Coschedule, Mailerlite, Sumo, Calendly, Schedulicity, Asana and more. Each tool will help you reach the ultimate goal of automating certain redundant tasks and the flow of your business. Each month or week you do some of the same tasks such as: send out a weekly email campaign, create and schedule social media messages and reply to emails. Having a system for these tasks AND having portions of them automated helps the daily flow of your business. You don't want to be the only person working on your website every day for the rest of your life right? You can only get ahead if you organize your business, optimize it to work for you and automate it to work while you are sleeping.

Each week I will be going over a set of tools to help you achieve that ultimate 2017 goal: to get your business automated in 2018. Week one of December will be covering organizing your business, week two will be email marketing and week 3 Social media and scheduling. Finishing the month with a quick list to wrap up your 2017 and setting your 2018 goals.

Each tool that is featured will include:

  • What the tool is

  • How it can help your business

  • 2-5 ways it can help right now

  • A quick walkthrough video

I will also be hosting 3 live trainings this month: (Click to register)

Registration is open for all three trainings and spaces are limited to 10 people per training. If you register but can not make the live training you will receive the replay for 24 hours then the replays will be removed and added to the store for purchase.

I hope you find every piece of content this month helpful to the preparation of 2018.

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