Introducing: Mastering Shopify Logistics

Building a website isn't the hard part, it's running your website that is the problem.

Over the years I have designed and developed websites and the #1 problem I have continuously come across was business owners not being able to actually use their newly designed website.

In order to combat that I wanted to change that by creating digestible trainings on how to use your selected website platform. Due to the overwhelming response to using the popular e-commerce platform Shopify, I decided to create "Mastering Shopify Logistics".

This 30-min training is for new, existing and prospective Shopify store owners that need to learn how to run and maximize their Shopify store. whether you paid for a Shopify store setup or did the DIY thing you still need to know how to run your Shopify store.

This training includes:

  • Navigating your Dashboard

  • Adding and Managing your Sales Channels

  • Order Management

  • Adding and Managing Discounts

  • Adding and Managing apps

  • Utilizing the Shopify POS

  • Adding Reviews to products

  • Adding Kit to your new store

  • Analytics

  • Bonus Cheatsheet + Resource List

Once you have completed this course you will have the knowledge to run your store flawlessly, so you can miss the guesswork and get to sales.

Enroll in this training on Skillshare its free for all premium members, if you haven't signed up for Skillshare premium than snag 2-free months here to check out the Skillshare platform and take this training for free. 

E-CommerceJessica Lee