What to look for when choosing a Website Host


What is Website hosting?

Website hosting is the place your website will “live” in order to make them accessible to the world. Your website can not be seen unless it is on a website host. There are multiple types and providers that you can choose from when looking to bring your website to life.

Choosing a website host is one of the first 3 steps you should take before starting to build your website; 1. Website Host 2. Domain 3. Branded Email When you are researching different website hosting providers it is a good idea to look and see if they provide all the services you need before making a choice.

What are the different types of Website hosting?

The 3 most important are: Windows Hosting Linux Hosting Wordpress Hosting

Window Hosting

This type of hosting is not recommended for Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal install. Although you have the availability to install and run these applications on a windows server, you will continuously run into issues due to incompatibility.

Linux Hosting

This is one of the most used types of hosting, it is compatible with Wordpress and other CMS platforms. When given the choice between windows or Linux hosting, always choose Linux!

Wordpress Hosting This hosting is specifically for the WordPress platform, once purchased it is ready to go right away. You also have the option of finding an all in one platform that has hosting included into its services such as: Shopify Wordpress.com Weebly

Each of these platforms has website hosting included, along with other great features such as SSL certificates and custom domains. Choosing one of these platforms can help ease the transition from planning to building your website.

How much should I expect to spend?

This is where website hosting can get complicated. Your pricing is based on which services you need. This includes: Domain for your website Website hosting SSL certificate Website Backups Malware Scans

Some website hosting providers have packages available with each of these essential elements included. You can look to spend anywhere from $100 -$300 a year for you hosting services, SSL certificate, and security services. If you decide to go with an all in one platform you can expect your price to be anywhere between $9 to $300.

Which one is best for my business?

If you need to have multiple websites on one hosting account, check out Bluehost PRIME or Plus plans.

If you are hosting a single website with Wordpress, you can use Bluehost Plus or Bluehost Wordpress Standard.

If you have an e-commerce website, if you plan on using: Woocommerce- Use Bluehost Plus or Prime Shopify Basic option

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