Why You Should Dump Linktree

If you use Instagram as a lead generation than you definitely know the frustration of getting your potential customers to actually get to your website. With Instagram only allowing you to put one link in your bio, it requires you to become creative with getting your potential customers to where you actually need them to go.

Most website owners turn to third-party providers such as linktree and leadpages, but they often forget about there own website. With third-party providers, you have a new tool to learn before you are able to use it then you incur another monthly cost.

Now if you aren't worried about your traffic and analytics then one of the third party tools will be great for you. But if you want to keep track of your analytics, want to know where your traffic is coming from and what they are looking at then keep reading.

How Linktree works

With Linktree, you are able to create a landing page with external links to anywhere you want including social media pages, third-party landing pages and links to your website. You put your linktreeURLl in your Instagram bio and your visitors choose from the list.


What happens after they click a link?

Where is the action recorded?

With every too,l you have your pros and cons, one of the main downsides of Linktree is that after your visitor clicks a link in your bio Instagram records the click, then they are directed to linktree. Once they arrive on Linktree, they click one of the provided links and then they are directed to the selected page.

If you don’t have your website listed, they will never make it there.

So you miss out on leads and retargeting information unless of course, you pay the PRO price.

Linktree Analytics

Linktree Analytics

What this means for your analytics

When using a third-party provider for your Instagram landing page, you are creating a “break” in your analytics. When you view your analytics to find out where your traffic is coming from instead of the actual source (Social - Instagram) it will be filed under “other” instead of the true source. When your traffic can’t be tracked, you can’t gauge where your traffic is coming from so you know which of your marketing efforts are working and which are not working. This is major when you begin paying for ads on different platforms and when you are shaping your ads audience.

Linktree only has click analytics with the free plan, you can only see how many times the link has been clicked but it has no other metrics. With the paid plan you are able to get specific analytic tags to “fix” your analytics and you can add your Facebook pixel only once you have completed the upgrade.

Linktree Pricing

Linktree Pricing

So if I dump Linktree, how do I funnel my traffic from Instagram?

Easy. Create a landing page on your website, you have already paid for it why not use it to its fullest potential. Just create a new page, style your landing page and enter in your links. Once you add your landing page to your Instagram bio, your set!

If your not the DIY type, then hire me :)

Analytics are extremely important when it comes to online stores, without them you are pretty much flying blind when it comes to figuring out your audience.

Let me know below if you use Linktree and how it has affected your analytics, will you consider creating a landing page on your website?