Why Your Small Business Needs Gsuite

Email is a bloodline for business. Many small businesses rely heavily on email as the sole contact point for customers, as well as day to day operations. If your email goes down it can cripple your business; which is why a reliable and trustworthy hosted email provider is a much better option for small business and it’s why I switched to GSuite as my provider. GSuite has many different components. In all, they include; Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Hangouts, and Google Plus. Having all of these services in one place is amazing. Personally, it has increased my productivity and helped become more organized with my documents.

It allows for the same freedom as a Gmail account but has the branding and the trust of your company. When looking at a new business potential customers are more likely to trust a branded email vs. a Gmail. And at $5/month, or $50/year, who can beat that! You’ll probably spend more on donuts and coffee in a day, why not spend it on something that will help improves your business workflow on an everyday basis.

Another great feature available is the ability to collaborate with members of your team on the go. Collaboration with Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets keeps my business flowing by keeping my proofreaders, board members, and beta members connected. They can make changes, make notes, or make corrections to any document I link them to. This is also a great tool to use for blog collaborators. Bloggers are able to keep all their information in one place with a detailed view of changes that anyone has made.

Why I say your business NEEDS this Service.

As a small business owner one issue I had was rushing to a business meeting with a bag full of paper, only to realize I left the essential one at home. (It’s the worst!) However, since switching to GSuite, nearly all of my business notes and forms were able to be converted to a google document that is stored in my own personal cloud. I can pull it up on my phone, my tablet, or my laptop. This has helped erase the headache of misplacing documents and destroying important documents with my much-needed cup of coffee. In short, GSuite is the best $5 I spend each month.

$5 a month. Sounds great, right? Well, guess what? Google gave me a discount for the Non-Techie readers so you can receive 20% off your first year with GSuite! Just leave a comment below and we will give you a promotional code to enter when setting up your GSuite 14-day trial! How cool is that!

Get things done and work with others from anywhere, using any device with G Suite.  Ready to start your 14-day trial? Let’s get started!