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Ready to get started selling products and services quickly?

This service includes:

  • Setting up your new Square account
  • Setting up Square services based on your business type
  • Includes adding each product/service/menu item needed 
  • Activation and setup of Square products including Square Online

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Cosmetics Citi

Jess the Techpreneur was the Shopify expert I went with for my job. The main reason was she was in the United States so our schedules/timeframes were doable. Working with Jess has made my first time buying an online store a smooth and fun experience. Jess truly cares about what the customer needs and she went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information required to get the store settings corrected and the store ready to go live. Jess is very responsive and she even made a video that she walked me through the process on what she did and what I needed to do. Jess has outstanding customer service skills.

Kudos to Shopify for giving us customers such an outstanding Shopify Expert to be able to work with. Jess will be my one stop for any and all needs when it comes to Shopify until I can master the processes myself. I recommend Jess for any job that you want done. I also recommend Jess if you want great communication, customer service and someone local. Thanks Jess! Keep up the great work. I appreciate you and all you do for us newbies.
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