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Get Started: SquareSpace Web Design

Let’s Get Started!


On this page you will find all the info you need for your SquareSpace design services.

Be sure to read this page carefully so you know how the process will work and what I’ll need from you before your services begin.

Before your services can begin, you will need to:

  1. If you currently have a SquareSpace website, please add as a collaborator.

  2. Website content planner (Waiting in your email)

  3. Paid invoice (Also waiting for you in your email

  4.  Logo / Brand Assets including Logo, design assets, fonts and color schemes. If you purchased a Brand kit or custom brand kit, don’t worry about these items.

  5.  High-quality Images; if you can provide at least 10 to be used on your website.

  6. Content for your website pages including website copy, quotes, and workflows.

  7. If you have a lead magnet or sales funnel you would like added to your website. (Such as Email signup, freebie, or paid program)

  8. If you would like an E-commerce section of your website, please include product names, descriptions, images, weight (if shipping) and pricing.

  9. If you will be using Printful to dropship items, I will need the login to your Printful account to connect it.

    If you use Dropbox or Google Suite, you can add the required items to a folder and share it with

    All password should be shared via LastPass, this not only protects me as a business owner but you as well. LastPass will give me access to your account but will not disclose the password.  


Next Steps:

  1. After you have completed all pre-work for your project, using your existing branding a website mockup will be created.

  2. After you approve your website mockup, I will begin working on your website development.

  3. Once your design is complete your SEO setup will begin.

  4. With design and SEO complete, your website will be ready for launch.

Important Notes:


My office is open Monday-Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm CST.

All correspondences take place during these hours. I don’t discuss work on evenings, weekends or holidays except in certain instances and I don’t expect you to do this either.

Deposit Invoices

Deposits /starting invoices for new projects are due by Thursday 11:59pm CST for your project to start the following Monday. If payment is not received before then your project will be pushed to the next available week. Once all pre-work and deposit invoices are paid, you will receive your project start date and project portal.

Overdue Payments

Open invoices 14 days of original due date will incur a late fee of 5%. A additional 5% late fee will apply every 7 days after the 24 day until payment is made.