Mastering Klaviyo

Get daily sales with your email marketing without spending hours and hours building campaigns and timing them perfectly. You know as an eCommerce shop owner email marketing is the way to go but you have no idea where to start or which platform to choose

Can you imagine getting sales with each email camping you send ( or don’t send)?!


21st May 2021
07:00-08:30PM CST
Jess The Techpreneur

What you will learn in this webinar?

Learn how to use Klayvio for your eCommerce email marketing platform helps get you on the right track to making that a reality. With so many automation or “Flows”, your email marketing is working for you

If you are ready to set up your effortless email marketing platform, then join me for this packed masterclass where we dive into Klaviyo’s flows, segmentation, and automation to make marketing simple.


What is a Flow?

Together we will start to see what a Flow is, how it works and how it can work for you


Essential Flows Setup

Which flows will help increase your ROI and increase sales from existing customers



Learn how to segment your list for profit and automatically keep clean your list 


Analyzing your Campaigns

Learn how to see which campaigns are working and which ones are missing the mark


SMS Marketing

Learn how to include SMS marketing inside your flows for greater reach

Yes, I need this! Save my seat today.

Lots of great points and Jess thoroughly explained the different add-ons.

Jeanette Jackson
Cake & Visual Artist, Illustrator

Really great class for beginners. She went slow and explained everything very thoroughly.

Taylor Siwy

Jessica provided definite actionable steps to get the ball rolling on your first store. I have a much clearer idea as to how the logistics need to be thought of for my first e-commerce store.

Rick Hughes

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