Struggling to maintain your business by yourself?

It’s time to hire an online business manager…

What is an Online Business owner?

An online business owner takes care of your day-to-day operations of projects, operations and support.

 In a nutshell, a OBM synchronize and manage the different aspects of your business while you channel your attention towards growing it.

It’s one thing to have a product or service, it’s another to have consistent sales and automated systems working for you. 

Hiring an online business owner lets you focus on:

  • being the face of your business 
  • show up consistently for your clients and audience
  • and being a visionary

Businesses that show up daily maintain a level of consistency is what separates and elevates them from the rest. It’s difficult to run at maximum efficiency when you as the owner have to be customer service, fulfillment, content creator, social media manager, product creator, and more.

Allowing an OBM to step in place, brings stability to your business so you can maintain the level of excellence your customers deserve. 


What is covered

  • Analyze, Streamline and simplify processes
  • Maintain and ensure all accounts and back-end Sites function
  • Execute digital marketing Strategy for your business, launch event
  • Developing a sales Funnel
  • Manage email list and develop list building Strategies
  • Execute + monitor email marketing campaigns
  • Setup Automations and sequences
  • Identify and set up new tools to help run your business
  • Repurpose and organize content
  • Facebook group page creation
  • Instagram Setup / post management
  • Scheduling content
  • Analytic analysis / Insights
  • Team management
  • Tech training
  • Project management
  • Google drive organization
  • Event Specific planning
  • Systemization of tasks, outsourcing, and daily moves
  • Website Updates
  • Strategy building
  • eCommerce Sales funnels+ management
  • Live stream assist
  • Project Management

Some of the Amazing Clients I Work With

Website Strategist | Developer
Online Business Manager

I am a serial entrepreneur helping small business owners and entrepreneurs like you build profitability using workable strategies and systems.  I am a coffee-loving strategist blessed with the gift of building websites, passive income streams, and sustainability thru any season of business.


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