SEO Services

The easy way for solopreneurs to gain more sales and build organic traffic.

What if you could build your organic traffic without writing blogs and being “present” in your business at every moment?

Well you can

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your website or blog is getting little to no views every time you post

  • Your have been consistent with blogging content creation, yet you still aren’t seeing the return on your time

  • You share on social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) but you can’t seem to get past the same 10 views you have been receiving after a post.

If any of these points seem familiar, you’re in the right place!

The truth is the best way to get past those 1-10 views is to use utilize SEO!

When it comes to entrepreneurship, time is of the essence... With Jess Tech, there’s no need to figure out how SEO works, and how to implement a strategy.

Our search engine optimization services are the done-for-you solution to creating traffic to your site, so you can focus on running your business.

SEO  services are a two-part service. Part one is where we focus on submitting your website pages, blogs, products to the most popular search engines to ensure that the most accurate information can be found on those search engines by visitors.

Part two is evaluating your analytics. Analytics are the direct line to your sales. They tell you who your audience is, what they are interested in and where your funnels need work. Using analytics data to streamline and revise how you cater to your ideal audience can save you thousands in marketing costs and generate even more in revenue.

This service is for businesses who are getting inconsistent traffic to their website and are struggling with converting the traffic to sales.

How it Works

30 days of your stores’ traffic will be reviewed and analyzed to help you understand: 

  • Where your traffic comes from

  • Identify breaks in your funnels

  • Provide you with the next steps needed to improve your conversion rate via our SEO and Analytics Report

What is included in the SEO/Analytics Report?

  • Custom baseline analytic report for current traffic (includes product breakdowns)

  • Audience report that can be used with Facebook Ads

  • 3 prioritized recommendations to improve traffic and conversions

  • Custom dashboard and reports in your Google analytics account

  • Pre-campaign site audit to see your current website health

  • Keyword Research to see what your audience is searching for to find your services/products

  • On-Page Optimization for all visible website pages to ensure your keyword/keyword phrase is used

  • Title Tag Optimization for all visible page titles to ensure your keyword/keyword phrase is used

  • Metadata Optimization for page titles, descriptions, and social sharing images

  • Search engine Submission to Google, Bing, + Yahoo



Monthly Website SEO + Analytics

$ 160

Quarterly Website SEO + Analytics


Blog Post Optimization 
4 Articles a month