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Website Design for Creatives

 Signature Package

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What is the signature package?


Most business owners believe that they need a website and nothing else but your website is more of an ecosystem.

Each part working toward the success of your online presence as a whole.

With my signature 4x4 matrix, all aspects of your businesses online presence is working together for organic traffic.

The 4x4 Matrix is a 4-force system to launch your business: Strategy, Design, Systems and launch. Each part playing a major part in the success of your business launch.


Part 1: Consult + Strategy

  • Pre-Launch Plan

  • Custom Strategy Plan

  • Consult/ Review

Part 2: Design

  • New Website/ Re-Brand

  • Wireframes

  • Platform Setup

  • Email setup + Templates


Part 3: Systems Implementation

  • Welcome series for new subscribers

  • Lead generation : Freebie

  • Customer Engagement : Chat/ Chatbot

  • Client or customer on boarding

  • Evergreen Systems: course/ webinar/ challenge/ membership

  • Business organizing- Trello/Slack

  • Procedures / Policies

  • Event setup

Part 4: Launch

  • Search engine optimization

  • My Google Business

  • Local SEO setup

  • Tool / website training

  • 30/60/90 Launch plan

  • 90 Days monitoring

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 The Goal is to have a website that you can use and makes you money

What to expect

You can expect to work with me for a minimum of 120 days, the first month will be used to gather the items you need including your evergreen system items, high quality photos, copy, welcome series, and more. Having these things before we begin working on your website. During the first 30 days, we will have weekly check-ins to see how things are going and answering any questions you may have.

At the point of getting started to work with Jess, you will need to have a solid brand in place including logo, color scheme, moodboards, favicon and brand assets. If you don’t have a solid brand, check out AJM Brands™.

During our weekly calls, we will go over the work you submitted and get it public ready before your actual project begins.

Month 2 will be used to complete design tasks, pre-launch work, system implantation and Launching your new business.

Month 3/4/5 is monitoring, testing and updates.

How to get started

Complete a inquiry form, this is the form you will submit your initial information

After your project is accepted, you will schedule your 30-min clarity call. We will go over your inquiry, your project needs, and how the process will go.

If we are a good fit, then you will sign the contract and pay a 25% non-refundable deposit and we will get started on your project.


1. Do I have to have a exciting website? No, you do not have to have an existing website.

2. What if I don’t have my content ready right now? That’s fine you will have 30 days from your paid deposit to submit all required items.

3. How many payments will I be making? You will have 3 payments during the process: Deposit, start of project and after the completed website design/redesign.

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It’s time to Stop the Microwave Businesses…