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Web Design Process


The kickoff stage is the beginning of your project. During this stage, you will submit all required information neccessary to begin your website project.

Project Approval

Once all required information is received, you will receive your project start date during our kick-off meeting.

Once your project is approved and you decide to move forward, you will be asked to make a 50% minimum deposit before we will start on your design.

Design Process

Using your submitted information, we will create a website mockup and brand assets for you to review.



Once your test site has been completed for viewing, you have 3 rounds of revisions on your design.

Three rounds of revisions are usually sufficient to get your design looking just right.

Design Approval

After you have carefully reviewed all aspects of your design and you feel you are 100% happy with it, we will ask you for approval to install your new design.


After your website design is approved, it will be added to your website host. During this stage, your website host will be setup, design will be installed and a coming soon page will be displayed while your new design is being configured.

After your website is complete, its time to launch!

Ready to get started on your web design project?

We have solutions for WordPress, SquareSpace and Shopify with 3-7 day turnaround for most projects