Your website is your only 24/7 employee, and the first part of our business people see consistently. It holds all your sales, products, blog posts, and most importantly your personality, your mission. Your website is  to inform and bring in leads whether it be booking a call, purchasing your products or signing up for your email list.

With a dedicated website manager, your website sales, promotions and updates are taken care of for you.

Not having to worry about your flash sale going off without a hitch is a great place to be as a solopreneur. It allows you to breathe and worry about actually running your business.

How it Works

As your dedicated website manager, the first step is to complete a strategy for your content, promotions, and sales.

In our 1 on 1 session, we will focus in on your sales funnels that you would like to build + promote for the month and any promotions or upcoming events.

After our session, I will build a custom calendar based on your marketing efforts needed for the month to ensure your website, social media and email marketing campaigns are planned, designed and scheduled.

You content Plan is built for you: including email marketing campaigns, social media promotion schedule, sales pages, email landing pages and website updates.

What services are covered?

  • Website Updates

  • Website Maintenance

  • Content updates

  • Photo Optimization for uploads

  • Content scheduling for social media and website

  • Minor design modifications

  • Email automations

  • Search Engine Optimization and Analytics report

  • Website Recovery

  • Store Management / Updates

  • Product Uploads and scheduling

  • Course Building + Design services

  • Website Auditing


$ 997


$ 2,097