Wordpress or Shopify: Which one is right for your business

WordPress or Shopify: Which one is right for your business

June 13, 2017 Planning,Website Help

A couple weeks ago we covered What to Look for When Choosing a Website Host, where we went over the different types of hosting that you can choose to build your website on. In this post, we touched on the topic of an all in one platform. Today we will focus on two major all in one platform: WordPress and Shopify.


Each platform is great for different types of businesses. We will go over key elements that will help you convert to or start on the platform that is right for you.

Wordpress or Shopify: Which is best for your business
WordPress or Shopify: Which is best for your business

What is WordPress?

Currently, there are two types of WordPress platforms: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform, which means that can it be installed on your personal hosting account. This is perfect if you have already purchased a hosting package from a provider. You can find more information on that here.


With WordPress.com, you can get started right away with a free account, and you will receive a domain similar to blogname.wordpress.com. If you wanted to (and is recommended ) to add your own domain, you can purchase it via WordPress.com or you can map a domain to your WordPress site.


With a custom domain, you will need to be on the premium plan which will run you $8.25/ month (when billed annually). WordPress is a great option for content and blog heavy sites, if you plan on sending out regular or weekly updates via blog this is definitely the option for you.


When using a WordPress website you are able to truly customize it how you want. From the design to the application you can add to expand the functionality of your new site. There are thousands of themes that you can choose from or you can get a custom design built by a developer.


Adding functionality to your website is as easy as searching the plugins directory and installing.

You want to make sure that any of the plugins you install to your website are:

  1. Updated regularly
  2. Have an active community
  3. Have high install rates and reviews


Checking for these basic things before adding a new plugin to your website will help with issues that may arise when an outdated plugin is added.

WordPress was originally built for Bloggers but since its start has evolved where you can add a full website in addition to your blog.

So if you are looking to start a blog or website with no store, WordPress is for you!

Now that we covered WordPress, on to Shopify.


Wordpress or Shopify: Which is best for your business Blog
WordPress or Shopify: Which is best for your business Blog

What is Shopify?


Shopify is a newer e-commerce platform that is so easy to setup and use. There are two ways to sign up for a Shopify store:

  1. You can sign up through Shopify.com and have a 14-day trial before you pay


  1. You can contact a Shopify developer (me!) and receive an unlimited trial where you pay only when you’re ready to launch. Get Started here


After you sign up for Shopify, you will travel through a simple setup process that asks for your business information and it will create a store leading you to your brand new dashboard.


Navigating through the Shopify dashboard is an easy task for any non-techie, and much like WordPress you can design your website or hire someone to create the perfect design for you.

Shopify also has a growing apps directory where you can add functionality to your new store.

Shopify App Store
Shopify App Store

Since Shopify is an e-commerce platform, they seem to lack in the functionality of blog management. You will have one area that will hold your blog posts but you are able to host different blogs on your Shopify site.

Blog Post in Shopify
Blog Post in Shopify


Whether you choose WordPress or Shopify both have an extensive support community that can help with every aspect of your launching.


Shopify or WordPress Which one is best for your business
Shopify or WordPress Which one is best for your business

WordPress: Content Heavy sites

Shopify: E-Commerce Solution

Ready to start your Shopify store but don’t know where to start? Check out our Shopify Bootcamp

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