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Getting Started

The Digital Incubator

Every business no matter the type, requires just about the same structure for the digital presence of the venture.

This program is designed to help you knock out the foundation of your online business to create a stable launch pad, helping you build a profitable business without sacrificing you time and goals.

This program is held twice a year, and the waitlist is open.


Don’t know where to start? The purpose of this call is to access which one of my offerings the best fit based on the goals for your business.

This is not a pick my brain session or a strategy call

Strategy Call

This call is to diagnoise where you are, develop a clarity roadmap and get the tools/ strategies to implement.

Minimum 4hrs

Is this for you?

How does this sound?

Your tired of juggling all the hats in your business, spinning your wheels right into a circle because your business systems are jacked or nonexsistent?

Because of your non-existent systems, you practiclly have to breathe, eat and don’t sleep your business. You can’t unplug, you can’t enjoy vacation, wait….What’s a vacation?

Your past tired and it’s time for a change

That change needs to happen now, its time to let your business work for you – passively & actively

Your business is suppose to give you freedom, Not create a self-captivity

Who I Work With

My programs and offerings are designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who:

  • Have a existing website (2-3 years)
  • Have max out working with no systems
  • Have reached a threshold in traffic and conversions
  • Need to have multiple streams of income but have no way of getting started

Our Happy Clients!

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Arica Jackson-Morgan

AJM Brands

The Techy savior! I truly appreciate Jess for her professionalism, timely responses and wiliness to customize my request. She knows her stuff!

Toni Robinson

Stilletos & Screwdrivers

An answered prayer!!! Literally the tech-gods smiled on me when I    stumbled upon her site. Looking forward to smooth sails with my new systems! She was so earnest in her desire to hear my broken heart- I  mean broken tech issues.

Wanda T.

Heidi Day Coaching

Our time: 10:59pm CDT
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